Not Tendulkar or Kohli, this is Nathan Lyon’s most cherished Test dismissal
Nathan Lyon's favourite wicket of all? Chris Martin, Esquire. @Getty

During his progression to 306 Test wickets, thus becoming Australia s most successful finger spinner of all time, Nathan Lyon has many memorable dismissals to look back on with satisfaction.

But pressed to name his most favourites Test wicket, the 30-year-old has revealed a rather surprising name: that of the former New Zealand fast bowler Chris Martin, regarded as one of the game s most famous tailenders.

While telling of his favourite wickets in Tests, Lyon named Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli as prized scalps before naming his dismissal of Martin in Brisbane in 2011 as a truly special one.

“It’s quite hard to sit down and name one. Out of all 306 there’s not too many that I say I really deserved that,” he said. “There’s been a couple of good ones. Bowling Sachin Tendulkar through the gate in Chennai. I think only a small number of spinners have been able to do that feat against Sachin. Taking someone like Virat (Kohli’s) wicket something like six times. Obviously he is one of the best batters in the world.”

Chris Martin is bowled by Nathan Lyon at the Gabba.
Chris Martin is bowled by Nathan Lyon at the Gabba. @Getty

“However, I still believe that one of my best balls I bowled, which is embarrassing, is bowling Chris Martin at the Gabba (wicket No.16). It was probably one of the best balls I bowled. A genuine good ball to a right hander, through the gate. I’ve wasted it on Chris Martin no offence Chris. I wish it was AB de Villiers or Kevin Pietersen or someone like that but it is what it is.”

In 78 Tests matches, Lyon has taken 306 wickets to be the ninth most successful spin bowler of all time. He is three wickets away from surpassing West Indian off spinner Lance Gibbs, heading into Australia s two-Test series versus Pakistan in the UAE starting Sunday.