Despite a full-house at Eden Gardens and a massive Indian victory, Cheteshwar Pujara feels Pink-Ball Test shouldn’t be made a regular affair and one-off game in an entire year would be sufficient.

India made their long-awaited Day-Night Test debut in Kolkata where they went on to complete a massive innings victory over Bangladesh during a contest that lasted just over two days.

After the match, few unnamed India cricketer had expressed their reservations regarding the pink ball ranging from the visibility under the lights to the hardness.

“One-off Test match in a year is fine,” Pujara told The Indian Express. “If you want crowd to come in and create an atmosphere. But not on a regular basis I would say. I am sure Test cricket will be mainly played with the red ball. Once in a while, you might play with pink ball but majority of the game will be played with the red ball.”

Concerns have also been raised over the conditions including grass cover and dew. The grass is to make sure the ball doesn’t lose its colour quickly meaning it will be harder to get the ball to reverse and additionally, dew could affect the ability to swing and spin the ball which means compromising with the strengths.

“I am no one to have a say on this. BCCI will take a call. What I am saying is, going forward, if we play one-off game with pink it will be fine. I certainly don’t see a situation in a five-match series, we are playing three with pink ball! I don’t think it will as far as I know but time will tell. One-off game in a year is fine,” Pujara replied.

Pujara scored a half-century in India’s win saying it was a different experience to bat against the pink ball under the floodlights. “I enjoyed the challenge, yeah. It’s a different experience altogether. I wouldn’t say one needs different technique but a different approach,” he said.

He further explained, “When you are batting in the first session, the ball will come on nicely and you can play your shots. Even if its new ball, it doesn’t swing as much as say a new red ball would in early morning. This starts in the afternoon only and it’s easier that time. With red ball, the first session becomes very important, with the ball seaming around and stuff. It’s other way around with the pink ball. The second session when lights come on becomes crucial. You might have to leave a few more balls in the second session than what you might have to do in the first session.”