Pakistan Cricket Board owes Rs 30 million to players

Najam Sethi has been restricted by Islamabad High Court to exercise his powers © AFP

Karachi: Jul 30, 2013 

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is facing a financial crisis of sorts because of the restrictions placed on the acting chairman, Najam Sethi to exercise his powers.

A source in the Board told PTI that the most pressing issue was the disbursement of nearly 30 million rupees to the players as part of their dues for central contract retainers and their fees for the recent tour of the West Indies.

“The board has to pay out nearly 30 million rupees to the players who have not received their monthly retainers for central contracts as yet plus the fees and other bonuses for their victories in the West Indies,” the source said.

“The other major problem is that on June 30th the contracts of nearly 60 employees lapsed and they have not been renewed as yet,” the source added.

He said in both cases the acting chairman wanted to give approval for the disbursement of the 30 million rupees and also renew contracts but the Islamabad High Court judgment restrained him from doing so.

“We are fearing a strong protest from the affected employees because their salaries have also not been released as yet and Eid is just around the corner,” the source stated.

Confusion reigns in the PCB affairs as according to former captain Rashid Latif, the constitution of the Board does allow the Board of Governors to take relevant decisions on budgetary and other matters in the absence of a chairman.

“I don’t know what is the problem? If the court judgment restrains Sethi from exercising his powers than why can’t the BG members take the necessary decisions,” he said.