Zaka Ashraf

Fromer Pakistan board’s chief  Zaka Ashraf was handpicked for both influential positions by former President Asif Zardari © AFP

Karachi: Nov 8, 2013

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been asked by the ministry of inter provincial coordination to provide them with details of alleged irregularities committed during Zaka Ashraf‘s tenure as cricket chief from 2011 to 2013.

According to sources, the ministry has acted since the ruling government is keen on holding an investigation into the working of Ashraf during the time he headed the Zarai Taraqyati Bank Limited and PCB.

Ashraf was handpicked for both influential positions by former President Asif Zardari.

“From what we know even the prime minister’s office has asked for details from the board,” one source said.

It was during Ashraf’s tenure as board chairman that the PCB constitution was amended as per the requirements of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make it more democratic.

Under the new constitution, elections were held hurriedly in a day’s time in Islamabad in May when Ashraf got elected as board chairman for four years.

Ashraf was dismissed as chairman of the board by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in June in the light of a petition filed by retired Major Ahmed Nadeem Sadal, an ex-Army cricket team coach, who said the board of governors that elected Zaka was illegal since it had no representation from Punjab.

The court declared his election as null and void and described the election process as polluted.

Ashraf has filed an appeal against his dismissal before a divisional bench of the IHC which, at its hearing yesterday, adjourned the next hearing for December and allowed present chairman, Najam Sethi and the interim management committee to continue working until then.

Ashraf’s lawyer has called for restoration of Ashraf as chairman.

The media has highlighted that Ashraf wasted a lot of the board’s money on hiring people on political basis on lucrative packages and on non productive projects.

Ashraf is said to have hired around 68 employees in his tenure.