Pakistan require hard taskmaster to get the best out of players: PCB chief

Zaka Ashraf said Pakistan have the potential to be among the top-ranked teams in the world

Karachi: Jan 12, 2012

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Zaka Ashraf has sent clear signal to the players that he would not compromise on discipline and in imposing his authority, if needed.

During a meeting with the PCB chief to discuss about fielding, a person said that “no matter who the Board hired, if the players didn’t want to improve their fielding there was nothing anyone could do”.

The person also recalled an incident when the PCB had invited South Africa’s Jhonty Rhodes for a short stint with the national cricket team but former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq had avoided attending any of the sessions, claiming he was unwell.

To which Ashraf responded curtly, saying: “If I had been there I would have dropped him.”

PCB once again imposed his authority, when it was pointed out that some players may not like if Australian coach Dav Whatmore is appointed as he is a hard taskmaster, saying “that is what the team needed”.

“That is what we require — a hard taskmaster — to get the best potential out of our players because we have the potential to be among the top two teams in the world,” he said.

He made it clear that even if some players were not happy at Whatmore’s expected appointment they would have to fall in line with the board decision.

Earlier, at a press meet yesterday when asked about reports that some players were lobbying against Whatmore’s appointment, Ashraf said, “We can’t stop anyone from making lobbies in the team. We can only try to talk some sense to them. But as far as the board is concerned we will play with a straight bat according to the rules and we are not going to deviate from them for anyone.” (PTI)