Najam Sethi © AFP
Najam Sethi says Pakistan cricket today was facing a very complicated and difficult situation © AFP


Karachi: Feb 10, 2014


The just-elected chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi has said that the stance adopted by Pakistan in the International Cricket Council (ICC) over the governance and management changes would be reviewed by the new set-up.


Sethi told a media conference in Lahore soon after taking over as chairman of the PCB that Pakistan cricket today was facing a very complicated and difficult situation.


“Today Pakistan cricket is isolated and the matter of how we handled the big three issue is very complicated. We will now sit down and review things,” he said.


Sethi said that every step would be taken to ensure that the interest of Pakistan cricket is safeguarded and that Pakistan becomes a strong force in the ICC.


The former PCB chief Zaka Ashraf, who was dismissed by the government, had abstained from voting in the ICC meeting in Singapore last week where eight nations voted for the new governance and structural changes in world cricket and the ICC.


The changes pushed by India, Australia and England — the Big Three of world cricket — were also opposed by the governing board of the PCB which was also dissolved by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


Sethi said that he had returned to the board with full powers.


“The management committee has been given full authority by the Prime Minister who is legally in a sound position to take any decision in the interest of Pakistan cricket,” Sethi said.


“If he feels it is necessary he has right to impose adhocism in the board,” he added.


Sethi said that the management will look to amend the existing constitution of the PCB, which placed too much powers in one person (the chairman).


“The constitution will be amended accordingly in the long-term interest of Pakistan cricket.”


Sethi also said that all decisions taken by the former chairman would be reviewed and if they were technically and legally correct they would not be changed.