In a heart-warming gesture, Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has offered free food and drinks at his restaurant for all those rendered jobless people and vulnerable families who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pakistan is under a lockdown right now fighting the coronavirus outbreak after recording more than 1,000 positive cases. The 51-year-old Dar has officiated in close to 400 international games.

Dar runs a restaurant under the name ‘Dar’s Delighto’ and has announced that people, who have lost their jobs due the Coronavirus, can have their meals at his restaurant.

“Coronavirus has spread all over the world and its effects are now being seen in Pakistan as well,” Dar said a video message.”

“However, without our support, our government cannot control this. I request all people to follow the instructions as directed by the government.”

“During this lockdown, people have become jobless. I own a restaurant named Dar’s Delighto on Pia Road in Lahore. People who are jobless can come there and eat food for free,” Dar, an ICC elite panel umpire, said in video message posted on Twitter.

Around 1200 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported so far in Pakistan while nine people have lost their lives.

Former captain Shahid Afridi is also carrying out extensive relief work through his charity foundation.

“Coronavirus has spread all over the world, and its effects are now being seen in Pakistan as well,” said the former first-class cricketer.

“The provincial governments and the central government have issued measures for you to follow for your safety,” the veteran umpire added.