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  • 8:50 PM IST

    Live: Pak 42/0 : Sami Aslam 12 (51), Azhar Ali 30 (27) –Pakistan have stormed back at The Oval, squaring the series in the process. Great win for Pakistan.

  • 8:46 PM IST

    Live: Pak 36/0 : Sami Aslam 12 (51), Azhar Ali 24 (27) – Both openers have taken aggressive mode, Azhar Ali being the leader. Pakistan are on the verge. Can’t wait!

  • 8:19 PM IST

    Live: Pak 16/0 : Sami Aslam 7 (25), Azhar Ali 9 (16) – Pakistan are inching towards what will be a famous victory for them. They are just 24 runs away from it. Good batting from both openers as they have played mindful shots and not throwing bat at every ball. Nothing much England can do.

  • 7:46 PM IST

    Live: Pak 0/0 : Sami Aslam 0 (0), Azhar Ali 0 (0) – Pakistan need just 40 runs to win at The Oval. Yasir Shah was the difference between the two teams as he lead his team back to the dressing room with the ball in his hand. Pakistan are just 40 runs away to seal a historic win on their 69th Independence Day.

  • 7:41 PM IST

    Live: Eng–253/10: Steven Finn 16 (35)- Anderson tries to sweep to much, but Iftikhar gets him easily as the ball struck Anderson in ribs and the ball would have gone to hit the top of middle and off. Pakistan bundle out England at 253. Pakistan need 40 runs to win this Test.

  • 7:35 PM IST

    Live: Eng–253/8: Steven Finn 16 (35), James Anderson 17 (24)- Something to worry for Pakistan as they are giving away runs to England. Anderson and Finn have scored 32 runs together.

  • 7:09 PM IST

    Live: Eng–229/8: Steven Finn 8 (20), James Anderson 0 (4)-England batsman are trembling against Yasir Shah. England batsmen couldn’t play with straight bats a,d Stuart Broad tried to reverse sweep Yasir. Like Really! The ball hangs in the air for a while and Younis Khan takes a easy catch at slip. Braod will do his trademark style of disagreeing with umpires. Certainly cricket is not complete for Broad without that! Yasir gets his 5th. High-fives! England lead by 9 runs.

  • 6:50 PM IST

    Live: Eng–209/8: Steven Finn 0 (0), Stuart Broad 0 (6)-Wahab Riaz is on fire. Sheer fire. Just before Woakes would have settled down in the dressing room, Riaz gets well-settled Jonny Bairstow. Jonny tires driving one over the covers, but finds Azhar Ali. Bairstow tried checking his shot last moment but too late as Azhar Ali punces on. This is the wicket Pakistan wanted and they have got it! Win approaching Pakistan

  • 6:38 PM IST

    Live: Eng–196/6: Jonny Bairstow 81 (123) Chris Woakes 1 (19)- Bairstow is looking confident on the crease after lunch. He is busy ticking runs in singles and looks quite content with it. He is also edging towards his century Woakes has been quite calm on the other end. Maybe he knows the importance of this partnership for his team as this is the last batting pair on crease. While I was about to publish this update, Wahab Riaz has done something exceptional for his team . Bairstow defends a ball and a mix-up in 2 batsmen. Woake tries going back to the non-strikers end. Riaz gets to ball and throws a it towards the stumps. He hits and Woakes is well short of his crease.

  • 6:13 PM IST

    Live: Eng–196/6: Jonny Bairstow 71 (100) Chris Woakes 0 (6)- Yasir Shah has started the proceedings after lunch. again English batsmen are playing him carefully. England are still trailing by 19

  • 5:27 PM IST

    Live: Eng–193/6: Jonny Bairstow59 (85) Chris Woakes 0 (1)–Yasir Shah you beauty. Yasir balls a peach od a delivery which turns a litlle on to take the outside edge with Moeen defending on the back foot expecting some turn as it went away from him. The whole ground erupts as Moeen Ali walks back to the dressing room. Seems like England have lost their savior. Yasir gets his 4th wicket!

  • 5:11 PM IST

    Live: Eng–182/5: Jonny Bairstow59 (85) Moeen Ali 31 (41) – Aamer balls a in-swinger which hits Moeen on the pads. Big appeal, turned down. Pakistan go for a review. Reply shows height was the factor which saved Mooen. The ball would have gone kissing the bails. Decision stays with umpire’s call.

  • 4:47 PM IST

    Live: Eng–149/5: Jonny Bairstow 50 (70) Moeen Ali 8 (22) – Jonny Bairstow gets to his 9th half-century in Tests. His 50 has been the only good thing that has happened to England so far this morning. He has looked calm under pressure and he will have to continue this as there’s a long way to go in this Test

  • 4:41 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 146/5: Jonny Bairstow 48 (68) Moeen Ali 7 (17) –England are in a tight spoy at The Oval. Pakistan has got into a commanding position after Gary Ballance’s wicket. The flow of runs has slowed down too. Moeen Ali will be the man Pakistan will want to get rid of as soon as they can. Moeen has looked uncomfortable against Yasir and so Misbah has kept Yasir Balling from one end.

  • 4:19 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 132/5: Jonny Bairstow 37 (52) Moeen Ali 4 (2)– Bowling change worked for Pakistan and Sohail Khan provides the breakthrough in his first over of the day.
    Gary Ballance plays a loose shot to a length ball from Khan. He pokes his bat at it and ends giving a easy catch to Sarfraz Ahmed. England in trouble at Oval.

  • 4:08 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 124/4: Gary Ballance 15 (53), Jonny Bairstow 36 (51) – England batsmen are getting easy runs here. Pakistan seamers hasn’t bowled much of full length deliveries today. They are bowling outside off and pitching it shot which is allowing the batsmen to free their arms. Pakistan needs to rethink their strategy regarding fast bowling or else they might just loose the control over the match. Meanwhile Wahab Riaz has received his second and final warning for running onto the pitch in his follow through. One more warning and he is out if the attack. England still trail by 90 runs

  • 3:47 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 99/4: Gary Ballance 10 (39), Jonny Bairstow 19 (34) –England batsmen seem to know the danger Yasir Shah is currently posing. They have been very cautious while facing him. Mohammad Aamer is leaking runs from the other end. Bairstow and Ballance have looked at ease facing Aamer. Misbah has now got Wahab Riaz into attack.

  • 3:35 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 95/4: Gary Ballance 9 (35), Jonny Bairstow 16 (21) –Yasir Shah started off the proceedings on Day 4. Certainly displays how much important he is for Pakistan. England batsmen have started of day 4 on a good note. Yasir Shah leaked 7 runs in his first over of the day.

  • 3:30 PM IST

    Live: Eng – 88/4: Gary Ballance 4 (31), Jonny Bairstow 14 (19) – Pakistan are on the verge of sealing a magnificent over England as the hosts have trembled in second innings. England come out with 4 wickets down and still trailing Pakistan by 126 runs. England have a big task ahead of them as they have to cover up the deficient and post a target for Pakistan, which looks very unlikely. Game on!!

yasir shah1

Greetings Everyone! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live cricket coverage for Day Four of the fourth and final Test between England and Pakistan. Probably the most exciting day of the series is waiting to unfold. England’s dream of making it a resounding 3-1, have boomeranged to leave their eyes wide open in horror. Younis Khan’s resurgence to form, with a double-hundred tilted the Test in Pakistan’s favor and oh boy have they capitalised on their chance. With a first innings score of 542 on board, giving them a lead of 206-run lead, Pakistan never looked back. Misbah-ul-Haq unleashed Yasir Shah on the hosts and he brought the game alive with 3 wickets. Still trailing by 126 runs can England stop the Pakistanis from levelling the series? Or will Pakistan win it for their countrymen on Independence Day? Don’t blink folks, this one is a cliff-hanger! Live Cricket Scorecard, England vs Pakistan , 4th Test match

Younis’s 218 was the centrepiece of Pakistan’s first-innings 542 all out. His sixth innings of 200 or more in Test cricket was a dramatic way for the 38-year-old to end a run of low scores. Younis had managed just 122 runs in six previous innings this series, with a best of 33 in Pakistan’s first Test win at Lord’s.

Leg-spinner Shah then took three wickets for four runs in 22 balls as England, in their second innings, slumped to 88 for four at the close, still runs 126 behind. Gary Ballance was four not out and Jonny Bairstow 14 not out.

England now need something remarkable if they were to deny Pakistan victory with two days left in the game. If the four-match series ends 2-2, Pakistan could go top of the world Test rankings but England must avoid defeat at The Oval to keep their hopes of replacing Australia at the summit alive.

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Live Cricket Scorecard, England vs Pakistan , 4th Test match