Islamabad: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) CEO Wasim Khan made it clear on Monday that Pakistan will only be looking to play all their home series on home soil only and playing anywhere else is not an option for them anymore. Khan went on to add that they have worked day and night in trying to bring back cricket in Pakistan and while emphasising New Zealand’s decision to pull out of the series at the last moment disappointing, he also mentioned that the PCB is in talks with different boards to resume cricket in Pakistan.

“PCB has a clear vision for now that Pakistan will play home series in Pakistan only and will not play anywhere else for which we’re in talks with different boards. We’ve worked day and night to bring back international cricket in stadiums of Pakistan,” Khan was quoted as saying, according to a report published in ARY Sports.

He went on to further reveal that the chairman of PCB Ramiz Raja has already written an official letter to the New Zealand cricket board regarding their decision to pull out of the Pakistan series at the last minute.

“Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja has written an official letter to NZC for what they’ve done. Pakistan will play T20 World Cup and is determined to win. We can’t wear black armbands as a protest during World Cup as this will become a political move,” he added.

“PCB will take up the issue in front of ICC and will bring NZC on table. PCB believes in dialogue. Making decisions on their own and abandoning tour is injustice. I will say thoroughly that there is no security lapse or issues in Pakistan,” he maintained.

“Abandoning tour by unilateral decision is not a wise move by them. This decision will damage Pakistan Cricket as we were looking forward to hosting international teams ahead. This damage will affect Pakistan Cricket negatively for a longer span,” he added.