PCB hire consultants for Pakistan Premier League

Chairman Zaka Ashraf told the media in Dubai on Monday that the PCB was planning to launch the PPL by March 2013 Getty Images

Lahore: Sep 11, 2012

The PCB has appointed two consultants for its planned premier league and the development was only revealed after reports said that an American national of Pakistan origin was offering sale rights of franchises to companies and individuals in the US and other countries.

In a rather unusual and secretive development, an official in the board confirmed that two consultants had been appointed to do some spadework in preparations for the launch of the planned PPL T20 event.

The chairman of the board, Zaka Ashraf told the media in Dubai on Monday that the PCB was planning to launch the PPL by March next year.

“Sarwar Salman Butt, a professional banker, who now also manages his own sports management company and is a cricket fanatic, and Badr Rafai, a former first-class player who organises cricket activities in the states, have been appointed as consultants,” the official said.

He said the two had been authorised to get feedbacks on the worldwide interest by companies and individuals in buying franchises and negotiate with agents of overseas players to see who is interested in coming to Pakistan for the PPL.

“They basically have been given the task of completing groundwork and negotiate where necessary for the launch of the PPL.”

The clarification from the board came after ‘Jang’ reported that a US national of Pakistani origin was offering franchise rights of the PPL to companies and individuals.

The report said that the man apparently was working without any authorisation and knowledge of the board.

But the official said the said person, Rafai, had been given a consultancy contract by the board.

Another source in the board said that Rafai who is settled in the US and was also associated with the national cricket body in the states, had been given the responsibility on the recommendation of the director-general cricket, Javed Miandad.(PTI)