Zaka Ashraf backs Pakistan despite ICC World T20 semi-final loss

The Zaka Ashraf-headed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to invite Australian professionals to upgrade the coaching system in Pakistan Getty Images

Lahore: Nov 8, 2012

At a time when international sides have refused to tour Pakistan due to security concerns, the country’s Cricket Board has invited a team of Australian presenters to conduct High Performance Level-Three and Masters coaching courses this month.

The PCB announced that Ross Turner, Alan Campbell, David Mann and Natasha Campbell will be supervising the courses aimed at upgrading the coaches in Pakistan.

“We are also upgrading the programme with the addition of the elite Pakistan Masters Level-Four course for the first time ever. Both the courses commence simultaneously at the National Cricket Academy from November 11 and shall run up to November 16,” a board spokesman said.

The PCB has only once held a level-three course in collaboration with Cricket Australia in 2008 in which 16 out of 18 participants were certified.

The spokesman said 42 coaches with Level-Two and Three experience, including a female, will be attending the courses.

“These coaches shall upgrade their standing through attending the next level programme, followed by rigorous theoretic and on-field examinations before certification,” he added.

The spokesman confirmed that the coaches attending the courses include some reputed former Test and First-Class cricketers.

“These courses are an endeavour to educate and develop our own coaches to meet the constantly changing requirements of contemporary cricket under the auspices of PCB Game Education Programme,” he said.