Aizaz Cheema

The name Aizaz Bin Ilyas caused confusion particularly in the media Getty Images

Lahore: Oct 22, 2012

In order to remove the confusion created by Test pacer Aizaz Cheema‘s longish name, the Pakistan Cricket Board has now made it clear that his short name should be used in all record books.

The confusion arose when first the PIA team (for whom Cheema plays) and then some scorers mentioned the name Aizaz Bin Illyas in their team sheets and score sheets for the matches played until now in the President’s Trophy.

The name Aizaz Bin Ilyas caused confusion particularly in the media which was not sure whether this was the same Aizaz who has played for Pakistan.

“His full name is Aizaz Bin Illyas Cheema but in Pakistani cricket records we have mentioned his name in short form as Aizaz Cheema. In domestic cricket, they were using his full name which caused some confusion,” a PCB official said.

He said the scorers had now been told to mention the pacer’s name as Aizaz Cheema and not bin Illyas.

“In Pakistan cricket, it is the norm to use the short form of names for players who have longish names,” the official said.

He gave the example of flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi.

“His full name is Sahabzada Shahid Khan Afridi. But we refer to him as Shahid Afridi. Similarly now Cheema will be referred to only as Aizaz Cheema,” the official said.

Aizaz, who has played seven Tests and 14 ODIs, has made it clear he had no issues with his short name being used in score sheets. (PTI)