Phil Hughes © Getty Images
Tributes continue to pour in for Phil Hughes © Getty Images

Sydney: Dec 1, 2014

Late Australian batsman Philip Hughes ‘ closest friend has posted what might be the most touching tribute for the deceased star on Facebook.

Romina Di Federico, who was one of the closest people to Hughes and wife of Neil D’Costa, the late batsman’s former batting coach, took toFacebook this weekend to post a beautiful, heartfelt tribute.

She posted that she is feeling numb parts of her aching, resisting, trying to work it all out, adding that then she realises that there isn’t anything to work out. She said that it is what it is and that is all, reported.

Di Federico, who posted the tribute with a picture, stated that this pic was taken on her 34th birthday, adding that they had lunch with friends and family at Cockle Bay then went for drinks, which continued beyond her memory.

Di Federico stated that she and Hughes, who used a lingo which was almost impossible to decipher at times, had been through so much together since D’Costa had brought him to live with them at 17 years.

She posted that Hughes was raw and innocent, straight from the country and the big city was about to know him well. She added that they laughed, cried, celebrated, grew through all the ups and the downs.

Di Federico recalls that Hughes always managed to laugh during the times she was being too serious, trying to be the ‘responsible one’. She remembered that he would grab her in a half hug and head lock saying ‘Meen’s it’s all good bruz’ and they would laugh it off.

She admitted that she really didn’t get the whole ‘bruz’ thing, but knew what the late star meant, adding that he was like a brother to her and to many.

Di Federico remembered when she first met his parents it was 2007 in their living room and D’Costa mapped out his game plan, adding that her then husband’s vision for Hughes was precise. She admitted that at the time she was thinking that really sounds amazing but overly ambitious, and questioned herself whether this kid could really be that good, which turned out to be yes.

She posted that she is not one to grieve openly to write this post is taking some courage, to remain open and share as many others have done, adding that she knows this would help heal, to have others share their love and support. She stated that she would keep some of their memories close and the pics of them would forever be her keepsake.

Di Federico also stated that her heart knows Hughes’ light would shine forever but her head goes why is this so. She admitted that he was always greater and with his greatness he left them.

Di Federico said that her friend Hughes taught her plenty in their time together. She stated that she would miss his smile, courage, talent, hugs and the laughs and his being with them.

She claimed that he has touched the world with his spirit, adding that forever in their hearts Hughes would live and in the night sky he would be the brightest star forever shining upon them.

Di Federico wished Hughes a Happy Birthday from wherever he is now adding that she would have a drink for him.