Players will get three to five matches to prove themselves: Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (AFP Photo)

Captain Virat Kohli has laid down the marker for India hopefuls for the ICC T20 World Cup next year saying players won’t get an extended run and instead will have to prove themselves in three to five matches, something which he had to do when he came up the ranks from junior level cricket.

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In an interaction with the BCCI, Kohli revealed the roadmap for the 2020 ICC T20 World Cup for which the preparations have gotten underway. The three-match T20I series against South Africa is the first step in building a squad which will be taken to Australia for the marquee event.

“We are very clear. It is not that anyone will get 30 chances,” Kohli said on “Even when I came in the team, I didn’t think I will get 15-20 games and I knew I will mostly get chances in three to five games and I have to prove myself. One will get suppose five chances and he will have to prove himself. That is the level we are playing at. As the team management has that mindset, the individual should also have the same.”

He continued, “It is a delicate balance to strike but as we have 30 games before it (World Cup), so we have to figure out how much time each individual gets.”

Next year’s T20 World Cup and the inaugural ICC World Test Championship means there’s a push to get youngsters in the team, try different combination to see which suits them and will take the team forward.

“We feel both the T20Is and the Test championship are in our focus as both of them are milestones and that is why youngsters are being pushed in from time to time as it is important to settle the team combination because we have to figure out the guys who will take the team forward,” Kohli said.