Four-year term of Nazmul Hasan will end in October 2017   AFP
Four-year term of Nazmul Hasan will end in October 2017 AFP

The proposed Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) Annual General Meeting (AGM) is now in tatters after former member Mubasshar Hossain slapped a legal notice to them. Hossain in his notice has asked the BCB not to hold AGM and requested present board of directors to step down. Hossain is currently involved in a legal fight with the Nation Sports Council (NSC) over the board constitution.

The BCB AGM is due on October 4th with Nazmul Hasan s four-year term coming to an end. A recent three-member Supreme Court bench had ordered the BCB to make a fresh constitutional draft that would replace the old framework from 2008. The BCB along with NSC had filed two petitions against a high court decision that called the board s constitution illegal after the latter made amendments in 2012.

According to Cricbuzz, The Appellate Division in its full verdict said: “The High Court division was justified in making the Rule absolute.”

Hossain on Sunday said, “Supreme Court rejected the constitution that was followed in last BCB election. So the board is illegal and they don’t have any rights to proceed with any work.

The BCB have 72 hours to respond to the notice sent by Hossain, a claim that NSC have denied.