Ireland have won this tournament three times © AFP
Ireland have won this tournament three times © Getty Images

Who are the hosts of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers 2015?

Ireland and Scotland

Why is it being played?

To determine teams to qualify for the ICC World Twenty20 next year, alongside 10 full-member nations.

How many matches will be played, and in how many days?

51 matches in 18 days

How many teams will participate?

14, divided into two groups of 7.

What are these teams?

Ireland, Nepal, Hong Kong, Jersey Papua New Guinea (PNG), Namibia and United States of America (USA), in Group A; Afghanistan, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland, Kenya, Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in Group B.

How many teams out of the participating countries are to be selected for the ICC World Twenty20 2016 in India?


How are the teams selected?

The toppers from the respective groups will qualify for the ICC World Twenty20 2016 automatically.

The second and third teams from one group will play the second and third teams from the other, in a playoff, and the winners of those matches will join the table toppers as having had qualified for the World Twenty20. The teams having lost their respective playoffs will get another chance of qualifying, by playing the fourth-positioned teams in their groups.

Semi-finals, a third-place playoff and a final will also be played, in Dublin, to determine the first, second and third ranked teams from the competition. The final standings are also important to set the seeding/grouping for the ICC World Twenty20 2016.

How can I access the latest points table?

The points table, updated after every juncture, can be accessed here.

How many teams will contest the ICC World Twenty20 in India in 2016, and when will it be held?

16 teams. 10 full-member nations, and the six qualified teams from the ongoing tournament. It will be held from March 3 to April 11, 2016.