Rahul Dravid    AFP
Rahul Dravid AFP

Rahul Dravid and other sports personalities were recently cheated by a Viram investments, a Bengaluru firm. Dravid and his family had invested INR 35 crores. They managed to receive just INR 20 crores. Saina Nehwal, who had invested INR 1.5 crores, got back only 75 lakhs. Dravid himself accounted for investments worth INR 20 crores over the past six years and got INR 12 crores back. Former Karnataka cricketer Avinash Vaidya had also invested some amount in the firm.

Dravid, however, is yet to give his statement regarding the matter. Apart from Dravid, other investors in his family include his wife Vijeta, his brother Vijay and Vijay s wife Bhavana Rao. So far 66 complaints have reached the police department against the firm Vikram investments.

A police officer who is closely working on the case told The Times of India: Not one of these high-profile investors has yet complained to us about cheating. We learnt about these celebrity investments during our interrogation of the main accused, Raghavendra Srinath, founder of the firm, and Sutram Suresh, one of his wealth managers.

Interestingly, Sutram Suresh is a sports journalist in Bengaluru. He had lured the sports personalities to invest in this firm. “They have been sent to police custody for 14 days. The gang has duped the investors of over Rs 300 crores. We are verifying the documents,” the police officer further added.