Rakhi Sawant confesses her love for Virat Kohli

Rakhi Sawant is evidently inseparable from controversy. This time Sawant has targeted India cricketer, Virat Kohli, in her publicity stunt claiming she loves him. In doing so, she also attempted to mock Kohli’s girlfriend Anushka Sharma making fun of her lip-enhancement surgery. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Rakhi said, “I really like Virat a lot and anyway Anushka Sharma has not openly confessed her love for Virat. But I am confessing my love for the young cricketer as I love him and since Anushka has not accepted his love openly, therefore, I would like to express her love for the cricketer.” ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Mocking Anushka’s lip-enhancement that previously gained a lot of media and fan attention, Rakhi said, “I want Virat to give me a swelling on my lips like he gave Anushka.” Kohli is currently in Australia playing for India in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Top 10 batsmen in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015