Lahore: Just before the start of IPL 2022, Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja drew attention with his ”let us see who goes to play IPL over PSL’ comment. A week into the IPL, the ex-Pakistani captain has clarified his remark. He claims that he has been misquoted and he did not mean what he said.

“I was misquoted. I know the where economy of India is and where is Pakistan’s. We have plans to improve the PSL. We will bring in the auction model but I was misquoted on the other part,” Ramiz said on Cricbuzz.

Ramiz also confirmed that he will formally propose a quadrangular series featuring India, Pakistan, Australia and England at the International Cricket Council (ICC) board meeting next week in Dubai.

“I don’t know how the ICC members will receive it but how long can we allow ourselves to be dictated by politics between countries,” Raja told Cricbuzz. “Star Sports had made a presentation at the last ICC board meeting where it said the India-Pakistan game at the Twenty20 World Cup broke all viewership records. Why don’t we have more of what the fans want?”

IPL and PSL happen to be two of the biggest T20 leagues in the world. But again, when it comes to revenue – IPL is way ahead of PSL.