New Delhi: Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif went back in time to recall similar incidents that left a deep impact on Pakistan cricket and reckons that India is going through a similar phase, adding what happened in the early 1990s to Pakistan is now happening with India. The 53-year-old further went on to add that the tri of Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid is very strong and have played a lot of cricket together.

“All this began happening when Anil Kumble was wrongly removed as coach. Ravi Shastri had taken no coaching courses and yet he directly took entry as the coach. This was a strong group Kumble had over 600 wickets and Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were his teammates. This trio is very strong,” Latif said in a video on YouTube.

Pointing a finger at Ganguly for Shastri not showing interest in continuing with his role as the head coach of India, Latif opined, “By all means, Ganguly told Shastri ‘boss, it’s time to go’ even if Shastri had considered continuing as a coach. This whole thing has been building up since before the T20 World Cup, these are personal attacks and it has impacted Indian cricket. What happened with Pakistan in the early 1990s is happening today with Indian cricket.”

“KL Rahul cannot handle the team, and it remains to be seen how Rohit Sharma maintains his fitness if he is to be the man to usher Indian cricket into the future,” said the 53-year-old before signing off.