Sachin Tendulkar advised me to be myself, says Sushil Kumar

Sachin Tendulkar (above) has been an inspiration for millions and the champion wrestler Sushil Kumar has said that one gets to learn a lot from him © Getty Images

Aug 23, 2013

Sushil Kumar, India’s Olympic silver-medalist, said that the great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar advised him to be himself if he wanted to continue winning. Tendulkar is an inspiration for millions of Indians and it is no surprise that India’s champion wrestler also acknowledged that.

Speaking to the Times of India, Sushil said, “You learn so much simply by just sitting next to him. Once during a promotional event, we were having dinner and he leaned over and told me, ‘If you want to win another medal then stay as you are and don’t follow these people by doing the things they do.'”

While saying that, Tendulkar apparently pointed towards some cricketers. Sushil described it as, “I looked up to see which people and he was pointing to some of his fellow cricketers. I won’t name which ones. You make your conclusion.”

Meanwhile, Sushil also said that he is a Virender Sehwag fan and doesn’t watch cricket these days as the dashing batsman is no longer in the Indian team. He said, “I also watch cricket, but only when Sehwag is playing. Nowadays I have stopped watching cricket as he is not in the team.”