New Delhi: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has said technology has helped the current generation to grow smarter and more confident in comparison to the previous generation. “Today’s generation is confident, I interact with so many children of this generation and have to accept they are smarter than the earlier generation,” the record international century scorer said at the Thyagraj Stadium on Monday at a UnicefWorld Children’s Day event. “And this is with the help of technology, you know within minutes you can find out what is happening in any part of the world. You see actually a three-year-old kid sitting in front of the computer comfortably, he knows exactly what to do, a mobile phone he wants to call someone or message someone, all these fancy gadgets are there today which give them new perspective,” Tendukar added. Sachin Tendulkar s first room partner shares his experience with him

The Master Blaster also said every day should be a children’s day because kids are special. “The 20th November is one such day where you [children] get your freedom to express yourself, but with freedom their also comes responsibility. And according to me children’s day should be all 365 days,” Tendulkar said. Tendulkar, who retired from International cricket in 2013, held the bat again to play an exhibition match with some special children at the Thyagraj stadium.