The overwhelming impression at the BCCI AGM was that Sachin Tendulkar is well past his prime and his availability is only forcing the selectors to pick him © Getty Images

Oct 1, 2013

A day after reports emerged about the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) asking Sachin Tendulkar to retire after his 200th Test, sources close to the maestro revealed that Tendulkar is defiant and will decide once the board officials contact him.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report — which had reported about BCCI’s decision — Tendulkar’s view is: “Let the Board official come and talk to me and only then will I take a call.

“Only he and Anjali (his wife) know when he will retire,” added the source.

“The Board must have its plans but Sachin is not a normal cricketer. There should be better communication between them, and both parties should accommodate each other’s points of view. Sachin knows best when to retire, and I wish the Board and he work in a sense of accommodation (sic),” was Praveen Amre’s view, who is a close friend of Tendulkar and played alongside him in domestic cricket.

The newspaper’s website had reported that during the Annual General Meeting, there was an overwhelming impression that the maestro is well past his prime and his availability is forcing the selectors to pick him for Tests.

However, looking at Tendulkar’s experience and the controversies the board itself is surrounded with, the name of messenger who will approach Tendulkar was not revealed.