Sachin Tendulkar Requested BCCI to Host His Last Game in Mumbai so That His Mother Could Watch Him Play

'I was anyway emotional, and in those emotions, you need to stay focused'- Sachin Tendulkar.

New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar was a game-changer by all means in the gentlemen’s game of cricket who had far reaching impact on and off the field, something which will remain forever. In his recent interview with American journalist, Graham Bensinger, he revealed that his last request to BCCI was to host his farewell game in Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, so that his mother could watch him play from the stands for the last time.

The Blaster Master wanted his mother to watch him play live, something which she never experienced it inside a stadium.

“When I was about to play my last match, I told the board the BCCI, that these two games are going to be my last but my only request and my wish is that I play my last game in Mumbai so that my mother could come to the stadium and watch. So they graciously agreed to host the last game in Mumbai and that’s the only time she has seen me play live in 24 years,” Sachin told Graham Bensinger.

Tendulkar revealed that he was very emotional when he was shown in the stadium mega-screen while he was waiting. The entire stadium was keen to watch his mother’s reaction.

“It was unbelievable. I was batting. They showed her on that mega-screen and she wasn’t aware of it. And the whole stadium is watching her reaction. I was anyway emotional, and in those emotions, you need to stay focused. That was an important over, the last six balls but what I saw on the mega-screen was equally important.”

In his final innings of his career, the greatest batsman of all-time scored 74 against West Indies.

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