Story of Sachin Tendulkar’s most amazing fan

Sachin Tendulkar’s fan, Ajeet Singh Tanwar amazingly has memorised every Test innings he has played © AFP

Lahli (Haryana): Oct 29, 2013

He has not quite mastered the skill of construction but a 32-year-old mason from a hamlet in Sikhar district of Rajasthan seems to be a ‘PHD’ in the country’s most loved subject — Sachin Tendulkar — having memorised each and every Test innings and One-Day international centuries of the retiring icon.

Meet Ajeet Singh Tanwar, a one-of-a-kind Tendulkar fan, who, quite astonishingly, remembers how many the retiring cricketer has scored, where and in which match over his past 198 Tests, besides storing in his ‘memory card’ the details of the 49 hundreds the veteran had smashed in his 463 ODI appearances.

“You ask me and I will tell you how much he has scored in all the Test matches he has played or when did he score his 10th or 23rd ODI century,” said Tanwar, who has been closely following the cricketer’s feats since the age of 16.

The doubts over whether he was boasting were put to rest with a simple google search on Tendulkar’s stats.

Asked when did the most complete batsman of modern era score his fourth ODI century and the answer from his complete fan was 112 against Sri Lanka at Sharjah in 1995. A quick glance through stats was enough to clear all doubts.

And when did he post his 17th ODI ton, pat came the reply

— 128, again against Sri Lanka, in Colombo, 1998.

Tanwar also said that he remembers Tendulkar’s scores in all the World Cup matches. 35 was the answer, when a scribe asked about Tendulkar’s score in his maiden World Cup game in 1992. That was the correct score.

Coming back to Test cricket, there is not a single Tendulkar knock he doesn’t remember.

For the record, Tanwar has a contract with a television channel which, he says, he is not entitled to breach.

“I met him [Tendulkar] at the Palam ground [in Delhi] last Ranji season and he signed on two books of mine and gave me his photo with an autograph on it,” he recalled.

“I met him this time also and gave him a letter that has a poem written on him. He said he will try to ensure that I get to watch his farewell 200th Test match [in Mumbai next month].”

Asked how he is able to remember the scores, he said, “I keep on repeating them every week and then gradually they get stored in my memory.”

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