Sanjay Jagdale shocked by Raj Kundra's involvement in IPL betting

Delhi Police said that Raj Kundra also lost a lot of money in IPL betting © IANS

New Delhi: Jun 6, 2013

Former Board of control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary Sanjay Jagdale on Thursday expressed shock over Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra‘s admission to betting in IPL matches, saying it further shakes faith of the fans in the sport.

The Delhi Police, that questioned Kundra, claimed that he has admitted to betting and even lost a lot of money in doing so.

“It (Betting) is morally wrong since you’re owning a team. Such things are not good for cricket and not good for IPL. It’s another instance of damaging the faith Indian cricket lovers have in the sport. Really shocking,” said Jagdale, who resigned recently from his BCCI position.

Asked if Royals should be suspended if charges of betting against Kundra is proved, Jagdale said the decision lies with the IPL authorities.

“I can’t comment on the legalities. It’s is upto the Governing Council and Executive Committee (to decide on the fate of RR),” he told ‘Times Now’.

Jagdale said it’s high time BCCI takes lessons from these controversies and go about cleansing the system quickly.

“These are the lessons the BCCI will have to learn. The sooner they do it the better it will be. They need to sit together and give top priority to cleaning the system and all that has happened recently. Top priorities should be given to it. And not to any individual who is holding any post. There are people who are capable of taking decisions in the BCCI. And such decisions will be taken soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, former BCCI secretary Jaywant Lele said it was “stupid” of Raj Kundra to indulge in betting inspite of being a rich businessman.

“Till the time India doesn’t legalise betting, it is an offence. I am not very happy because what is happening is not cricket. Raj Kundra, who runs the Rajasthan Royals, and has such a lot of money, where is the need for him to indulge in betting. It is stupidity on part of Raj Kundra. I feel pity for him,” Lele said.

A long serving cricketer-administrator felt if owners of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and RR are found guilty of betting, their teams should be scrapped from the league.

“I feel if somebody from Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals is involved in betting, the teams should be debarred from taking part in the tournament,” he said.