SCA appoint Niranjan Shah CEO; latter says offer remains unaccepted

Shah was SCA secretary for 40 years and more.

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The Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) in a baffling move has appointed Niranjan Shah as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a role that remains unaccepted by the latter. Shah was SCA secretary for 40 years, before being announced ineligible by honourable Supreme Court in July 2016. As per Lodha Panel Recommendations, Shah stands ineligible on two-counts— exceeding age (70) limit and has been an office bearer for more than nine years.

According to a report in Indian Express, SCA governing body’s minutes of meeting dated May 2017 said, “Shri Madhukar Worah informed the governing body, after requesting Mr Niranjan Shah to leave the meeting, as confirmed in earlier Governing Body meeting and Annual General Meeting, appointment of Mr Niranjan Shah as the chief executive. Mr Worah informed the governing body that Mr Niranjan Shah shall inform in due course feasible date to join as Chief Executive.”

In response to the appointment, Shah said, “This is an option as per the SCA constitution but I haven’t accepted it at the moment. In the subsequent Governing Body meetings (after May 27) I have informed the house that I haven’t decided. But no court order prevents me from accepting the post.”

“I don’t think so. Even if you see the Lodha Committee FAQs, there’s no bar. CEOs at many big companies are all above 70. So what! This also you see as a company, Shah explained when asked about age cap.

If Shah accepts the offer, the Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by SC will report this matter to the highest judiciary in the country seeking their opinion.

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