Brian Lara XI’s bowler bags hat-trick in charity match

Dee Jarvis, the Oxfordshire Under-11 cricketer was named Man of the match.

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Dee Jarvis, who only started secondary school a fortnight ago took a hat-trick in the match © Getty Images (Generic Representation)
Ashes winner Gladstone Small was one of victims of the the hat-trick of Dee Jarvis, who only started secondary school a fortnight ago © Getty Images (Generic Representation)

LONDON: September 16, 2014

Ashes-winner Gladstone Small was one of three members of Warwickshire’s celebrated 1994 County Championship side who were victims of a hat-trick by an 11-year-old in a charity match. Dee Jarvis, who only started secondary school a fortnight ago, was not even meant to be playing in the charity match, at Wormsley Cricket Club in Buckinghamshire on Sunday. He simply went along to see some of his cricket heroes in action, with a side including Andrew Strauss, the former England captain, and Brian Lara, the former West Indies batsman, taking on a team of Lara’s former Warwickshire team-mates.

In the end, he helped Lara’s side to victory when Matthew Hoggard, the former England bowler, left the pitch to sign caps and shirts for the crowd. Dee first had former wicketkeeper Keith Piper stumped, then claimed ex-bowler Michael Ball lbw before Small, too, was stumped. Jarvis was lifted up onto the shoulders of former England wicketkeeper Paul Nixon as his new team-mates crowded round him in celebration.

The Oxfordshire Under-11 cricketer was named Man of the match — although the prize, a case of wine, had to be given to his father, Tim. “We just went for a day out,” Tim Jarvis, from Burton in Oxfordshire told Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph. “We couldn’t believe it. One of the Warwickshire players said to Hoggard that he was probably better off staying on the sidelines.”

But there was no chance of Dee, whose dream is to play cricket for England, getting a swelled head. “When he got home, he was on cloud nine but he still had about an hour of homework to do,” said Mr Jarvis. “He wasn’t very impressed about that.” The match raised about £50,000 ($81,000) for the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, which hopes to build an international-standard stadium in Kigali, the country’s capital.

Dee said his opponents left the pitch “with their heads down”. “It was such a good feeling,” he said. “I didn’t even expect to go on the pitch with them. I am just surprised about what happened. “Paul Nixon carried me off the pitch on his shoulders and Andrew Strauss told me how well I’d bowled. My dream is to play top-class cricket.”

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