Dubai: Mohammed Shami faced heavy backlash on social media following India’s humiliating defeat against Pakistan on Sunday in a World Cup match for the first time ever. But now, as it turns out – the trolls were fake and were planted to grab eyeballs in India. As per a report in DNA, people sitting in Pakistan did it so that the members of ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ present in India make big news. It was done with the motive of defaming India on a global stage.

For example, a person named Mohammad Kamran wrote on his Twitter handle ‘Well Done ISI Agent Mohammad Shami, We Are Proud Of You.’ The profile states that the person hails from Karachi, Pakistan, and has 164 followers on that account. The post has now been removed.

Such profiles clearly prove that the trolls were planted. Shami also found a lot of from ex-Indian players like Venkatesh Prasad, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohammad Azharuddin, Virender Sehwag among others.

Fake accounts were created by people from Pakistan. And it was they, who spread the filth in a quest to build communal tension. In the wake of this bust, #ShamiKiFarziTrolling – a hashtag created by DNA – is trending as people are commentating.

Trolls are nothing uncommon for Indian players. Cricket in India is nothing short of religion and hence fans vent out their anger once in a while when their heroes do not live up to their expectations. At some point in time, even legendary Sachin Tendulkar faced trolls.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is in top form, they have won both their T20 WC matches against India and New Zealand. They look good to make the semis.