Shane Warne

Shane Warne had blasted Australia’s rotation policy on Twitter following their 2-0 defeat to Sri Lanka in the Twenty20 series © Getty Images

Sydney: Jan 29, 2013

Following  Shane Warne’s rant on Twitter about Australia’s rotation policy, Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland said that he would be happy to discuss Warne’s ideas on the future of Australian cricket.

He said he would welcome Warne to go through the forensically-detailed Australian team performance plan to give his valuable insights. Warne had earlier given his input on the Argus enquiry.

Sutherland also said that he was disappointed with the way in which Warne expressed his concerns in tweets on Monday night.

“I am always interested in what Shane has to say, he has a deep understanding of the game and a passion for Australian cricket to be successful – so the door is always open,” Sutherland said, as reported by

“Past players like Shane share the fans’ desire to see Australian teams winning, which is what the detailed strategy team performance review flowing from the Argus Report also seeks, ” he added.

“But it is not a simplistic black and white issue capable of overnight resolution – our team is a team in transition preparing for Tests in India, back-to-back Ashes series and the 2015 ICC World Cup and it will take time.”

Sutherland said he had complete faith in Pat Howard, Australia’s team performance manager who was hired as a world-class performance expert, as a result of the Argus Report.