Shane Warne urges Cricket Australia to give up rotation policy

Shane Warne feels Australia need to dominate World Cricket again © Getty Images

Sydney: Feb 18, 2013

Former Australian cricket Shane Warne has continued to criticize Cricket Australia for its current policy of rotation. In his blog, Warne wrote that neither the players not the Australian supporters agree with the rotation policy.

“Please Cricket Australia, listen to the players-they do not want to be rested or rotated and we the public don’t want it either,” he wrote.

He also took a swipe at CA board member Wally Edwards who said that the current policy in place was in the best interest of the team.

“Confession- I giggled when I read CA board member Wally Edwards comment; He thought I was wrong and that the current selection process was right.  He also thought the right players were indeed being selected and he backed the rotation /resting of players,” Warne wrote.

Warne also felt that Australia should strive to dominate World Cricket again and not be satisfied with anything lesser.

“Wally was very proud that Australia is now ranked third in Test Cricket. However, like all Australians, I would prefer we were ranked first and dominated World Cricket once more. Let’s hope that we can do so again by the end of the year. I believe, like most Aussies, that if we get the selection right then we might stand a chance of reaching this goal.  By the way, there was no mention by Edwards that we are floundering in seventh place in 20/20,” he added.

Warne concluded by saying that smart selection and not rotation policy is the key to success.