Sharmila Tagore © Getty Images
Sharmila Tagore had recently flown down to Bhopal to clear a property dispute © Getty Images


May 2, 2014


Sharmila Tagore, yesteryear’s actress recently had to ask for police protection to come out of the palace in Bhopal.  She had flown down to Bhopal to settle a dispute related to property. The matter got serious when some protestors protested against a few antique items that were to be removed from the palace.


“The Flagstaff House is an ancestral property of late Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, whose mother was the daughter of the last Nawab of Bhopal, Hamidullah Khan”, A source was quoted as saying by the Mid-Day.


The source continued by saying, “Recently, members of the royal family had initiated efforts to distribute its belongings, including artifacts, among themselves. But a city-based organisation has now opposed the taking away of antique items from the Flagstaff House Palace. ”


It is believed that Sharmila wants to sell the Flagstaff House in the Ahmadabad Palace. However, that move by is being opposed by relatives.


The source added, “Those opposing the sale and shifting of belongings of the Flagstaff House have come together under the banner of Sahara Samajik Uthhan Samiti. A petition filed by some of Bhopal’s local citizens was heard in the high court on Wednesday. The next hearing will be on May 6,” says the source.


The chairman of the samiti though, failed to turn up on time, “However, a large number of mediapersons had already gathered outside when Sharmila went there to collect some artifacts. The actress then called the police to escort her out of the palace to the nearby hotel, following which the police sent a team to ensure that she got out safely,” the source stated.


Sharmila though on her part, refused to comment on her asking for police protection by saying, “I don’t want to talk about it.”