Ranbir Kapoor (left) and Alia Bhatt (right)    Getty Images
Ranbir Kapoor (left) and Alia Bhatt (right) Getty Images

After the huge success of recently released biopic over India’s most successful captain MS Dhoni, one can expect more such movies to come in next few years. The first biopic based on a cricketer of this year was ‘Azhar’, which was based former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin. It did not perform well in box office, while Dhoni’s biopic did excellently and created stir among the fans. The movie collected more than 2 billion rupees. Recently, wife of former Indian captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi has expressed views on the selection of actors if any biopic is made on his husband, who is considered one of the finest captains of India.

As reported by Times of India, at a recent outing,Sharmila expressed her desire for a biopic on Pataudi by converting his autobiography into a full-length feature film. “If somebody directs it properly and does proper research, his life was full of interesting things – about the accident, losing his father, playing cricket with such a handicap, it’s quite interesting,” Sharmila said. Pataudi’s daughter Saba Ali Khan also expressed the same views and looked excited. Sharmila tied the knot with Pataudi in 1969 during her peak period of film career. The couple were blessed with three children Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan. All three went on to become actors and Saif is the most successful among them.

Sharmila further went deep into the discussion in excitement over the biopic on Pataudi by suggesting actors to play the lead role in the movie. “Somebody who looks like Tiger, maybe Ranbir Kapoor,” added Sharmila and when asked over actress, she named Alia Bhatt for her role in the movie.

Well, it will be quite interesting to see whether there is any biopic being made on Pataudi or not because he is considered to have a very interesting of his life, despite being a prince.