Dogs, cats, even chickens – aren’t these the most common animals you would have seen or heard or read about, delaying proceedings in a cricket match? Well, how often would you have come across a snake delaying the proceedings?

Yes, in one of the most bizarre, or should we call a dangerous intervention, in a cricket match, a snake was spotted at the Dr. Gokaraju Liala Gangaaraju ACA Cricket Ground, Mulapadu, Vijayawada during the opening day of the Ranji Trophy 2019-20 season in the match between titleholders Vidarbha and hosts Andhra.

DISCLAIMER: If you have Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, better skip the video.


While as dangerous as a snake could be out in the open, BCCI’s domestic twitter handle, BCCI domestic, played out the video in a light manner, sharing it on twitter with the caption, SNAKE STOPS PLAY! There was a visitor on the field to delay the start of the match. In the video, the groud staff can be seen hovering near the snake, trying their best to make the snake take the right exit or at least get it out of sight of the cameras.

Interestingly, the Vidarbha-Andhra match is being telecast live on Star Sports 2.

However, this is not the first time a snake has halted play in a Ranji Trophy match featuring Vidarbha. In 2015, the match against Bengal and Vidarbha at the JU campus in Salt Lake was halted briefly after a snake was spotted on the ground.

Seem’s like Vidarbha like to take their logo around with them. Vidarbha Cricket logo sports Cobra snake in the centre. Lucky charm for the Faiz Fazal-led team.