Sourav Ganguly to skip MCC meeting due to personal reason
Sourav Ganguly (IANS Photo)

Sourav Ganguly will not be attending the upcoming meeting of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) World Cricket Committee, at the Lord’s on August 11-12.

The former India captain Ganguly, a member of the MCC committee, will be with his ailing mother. “My mother is not well. We may have to take her somewhere else for treatment so I’m not attending the meeting,” he said.

The committee, headed by Mike Gatting, meets twice a year to discuss the prevalent issues facing the game.

When asked about the development of BCCI coming under the ambit of the National Anti-Doping Agency, Ganguly didn’t comment.

The BCCI had been refusing to come under NADA claiming it will affect their autonomy. The contentious ‘whereabouts’ clause mandating out of competition tests was also one of the main reasons behind the cricket board’s decision to stall the attempts.

Ganguly had recently commented on the conflict of interests issue. “New fashion in Indian cricket ..conflict of interest .Best way to remain in news god help indian cricket Dravid Gets Conflict of Interest Notice from BCCI Ethics Officer (sic),” Ganguly tweeted on Wednesday.

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Another former India captain and coach Anil Kumble has added his voice to the issue. “It’s unfortunate that every cricketer only has to deal with conflict, and you know it’s something unfortunate that only a few of them can contribute. There are only a few cricketers who have played for India,” Kumble said.

The comments have come after Rahul Dravid, currently the head of the National Cricket Academy’s Cricket Operations in Bengaluru, was issued a conflict of interest notice by the BCCI’s Ethics Officer.