South African pacer Dale Steyn wows to target Phillip Hughes

Dale Steyn said the South African bowlers didn’t bowl to plan to Phillip Hughes in the earlier series and will look to make amends this time © AFP


By CricketCountry Staff


Sydney: Oct 22, 2011


South African pacer Dale Steyn revealed he will target the weal points of opener Phillip Hughes during the series against Australia.


“Not to take anything away from Phillip, he played unbelievably well against us when he came here and it looked like we didn’t know where to bowl to him in all honesty and that’s, I think, why he got off to such a fantastic start,” Steyn said.


“From what I remember we bowled too wide to him,” said Steyn.


“One of the things we said was that we didn’t want to bowl wide to him and then we did, it was one of those childish things where you say to a kid, ‘don’t touch the frying pan, you’re going to burn yourself’, and then you end up touching the frying pan and burn yourself. That’s what happened to us.


“The English side found a way of getting him out, and quite easily getting him out, so I will go through those videos. I’m a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter now, and we will try not to make the same mistakes again,” he added.