According to Chris Cairns, Stephen Fleming (above), Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills have given statements to the ICC on Carins' role in match-fixing © Getty Images
According to Chris Cairns, Stephen Fleming (above), Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills have given statements to the ICC on Carins’ role in match-fixing © Getty Images

Wellington: May 30, 2014


Chris Cairns has revealed that former New Zealand captains Stephen Fleming and Daniel Vettori have given statements to the International Cricket Council about his alleged role in match-fixing.


Cairns, who described the allegations against him as “absurd, bizarre and scary,” held a news conference in Auckland on Friday on his return to New Zealand from London, where he was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police and investigators from the England and Wales Cricket Board and the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit.


Reading from a prepared statement, Cairns said he had been told Fleming, Vettori and fast bowler Kyle Mills had joined former Test batsman Lou Vincent and current New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum in making statements to the ICC.


Vincent has been charged with 12 counts of match-fixing relating to matches in England. In his evidence to ACSU investigators, which was leaked to British newspapers, he said he was involved in spot fixing in five countries and answered to a former star player, identified initially as Player X.


Cairns has denied any involvement in match-fixing, but said he believes he is that player. McCullum, in evidence which was also leaked to the British media, said he was twice approached in 2008 and encouraged to become involved in match fixing. Cairns said he believes evidence provided to the ICC by Fleming, Vettori and Mills relates to McCullum’s claim.


“Based on the information, I was provided in London, I now understand that there were two past players and one current New Zealand player who Mr McCullum said he spoke to about the alleged approach,” Cairns said. “These three ex or current New Zealand players have made no direct accusation against me.” Cairns identified the players as Fleming, Vettori and Kyle Mills, the brother of New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association head Heath Mills.


“Two of these men made statements supporting Mr. McCullum’s claim that he spoke to them. The third man told investigators his memory was foggy and he could not make a statement in support of Mr McCullum,” Cairns told the news conference. “It is also significant that none of those players seem to have spoken to anyone at the ICC or any other organization about my alleged conversation with Mr McCullum until this year, 2014.”


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