Stephen Wundke jumps in the air, stops the ball with one hand that was rocketing to the fence, pushing it further in the air and then takes a one-handed rebound catch.

In the 80s, these sorts of catches were rare and once executed, they made the most fantastic of replays.

In a semi-final match between Southern Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA) in McDonald’s Cup 1984-1985 season, Wundke took a splendid catch while fielding at mid-wicket.

Batting first SA put on a good total of 296 runs in which captain David Hookes and Mike Haysman scored 101 and 100 respectively. In response, WA did not have a good start as both openers were out with just 38 on board.

WA skipper Kim Hughes facing David Johnston played an aggressive pull shot to ease some pressure which was building up. Johnston bowled a good length delivery towards the off stump which Hughes pulled uppish over mid-wicket but he couldn’t the ball past Wundke who took a leap and managed to come in the way of the ball, pushing it further in the air but taking its speed off. As the ball was on its way dying to the ground, Wundke, who was still in motion, dived towards his left to pouch the ball with his right hand.

Wundke’s efforts stunned everyone and with the dangerous Hughes gone, SA completed a comfortable victory by 123 runs.