Over the years, former India skipper MS Dhoni has not just groomed players but also backed them to the hilt by showing confidence in them and one of the best examples of that is giving the ball to Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over of the World T20 final in 2007 with a well-set Misbah-ul-Haq on strike.

Subramaniam Badrinath – who has played under the leadership of Dhoni and has immense respect for him said that if he does not trust you, even god cannot help. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Badrinath also said, Dhoni believed he was good and also believed in roles for each player.

“Dhoni always felt that roles are very important, and most of the time, mine was to get the team out of tough situations,” Badrinath said.

“My role was there in the middle order. The biggest strength of Dhoni is that he gives players that extra chance. If Dhoni believes Badri is good, that’s it. Badri is there. Once he believes it’s right, he sticks to the process. ‘I will give him chances, let him prove himself.’

“Similarly, if he believes you are not good enough, even god cannot help you. He has his own mindset and sticks to it no matter what.”

Dhoni – who turned 39 a couple of days back – is arguably the best captain to have led India ever. Not only does he have all the ICC trophies in his cabinet as a leader, but has also led the Indian team to the No 1 spot in ICC Test rankings for the first time.