Sunil Gavaskar Shares Some Telling Insights On How Dinesh Karthik Made A Comeback To India Team | Must Read
Sunil Gavaskar Gives Some Telling Insights On How Dinesh Karthik Made A Comeback To India Team | Must Read (Twitter)

New Delhi: Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar revealed the hard work and mindset that had gone behind Dinesh Karthik coming of age as a player in recent times that is more likely to give him a spot in the T20 squad of the Indian team for the World Cup set to be played in Australia in October this year.

“When we (him and Dinesh Karthik) went for the World Test Championship we were pretty much having lunch, breakfast, dinner together. And over there he was telling me about his ambition to come back in the India team for the T20 World Cup,” Gavaskar told Star Sports.

“He (Karthik) wasn’t in line for the one in UAE (T20 World Cup last year) but this time around ((in Australia 2022), he looks very well to be part of the flight that takes to Melbourne,” added Gavaskar.

Talking about how Karthik was preparing mentally to make a comeback to the Indian team, Gavaskar said, “He was telling me how he was creating situations in his mind and practising according to them. So it was not just mindless practice, it was thoughtful practice. It was practice according to what the situation might be when he’s out there.”

“Because if you’re batting at 6 and 7, you’re not going to get 20 overs, not 18 overs. You’re gonna get 5-6, maybe if the wickets fall nine overs to bat but in those nine, how to go about it is what he was practicing,” he revealed.

“He was also training so he left the hotel gym because it wasn’t good enough. He wanted to do some special training. He went and got himself enrolled in a club,” said the legendary cricketer.

“That tells you about the dedication and keenness to come back into the Indian team. And the way he’s playing now that’ll only make you admire. You’ve put in the hard yards and it’s the reward,” reckoned the former India captain.