Sunil Gavaskar    Getty Images
Sunil Gavaskar Getty Images

Known as Little Master in cricketing circles, Sunil Gavaskar has now been compared to Muhammad Ali. Ali, regarded as one of the greatest boxer was born in Louisville, where Gavaskar seems to be the flavour of the season. It was only last year that Louisville named its cricket stadium after Gavaskar. Now in an interaction with Mid-Day, current Mayor of Louisville, Greg Fisher has opened about Sunil M Gavaskar Cricket Field and why he compares Gavaskar to Ali: People were blown away when they heard Gavaskar was coming to Louisville. It was a surreal experience for many. Gavaskar was very impressed [with the ground]. He had a few recommendations, but said we are ready to play.”

He adds,”From a human standpoint, Mr Gavaskar is one of the most beautiful people I’ve met. When he came to Louisville, he gave people time; always had time for one more photograph. The way people crowded around him to me, he was the Muhammad Ali of cricket.

“I’m hoping to attract more cricketers to Louisville. One of our goals is to have a player of IPL quality someday and when they ask from where he is from, we can say, ‘From Louisville, Kentucky the home of Sunil Gavaskar Field and Muhammad Ali.”