New Delhi: Batting great Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the British media for their biased coverage on the cancellation of the India vs England fifth Test match at Old Trafford, Manchester. The match was cancelled after the junior physio Yogesh Parmar was tested COVID-19 positive as India failed to field their XI. Earlier, head coach Ravi Shastri and a couple of other staff members were also tested positive for the novel virus before the Oval Test.

The blame was put on the book launch of Shastri’s autobiography as several Indian players and support staff were present at the event.

Gavaskar shared his stance on the same and defended the book launch by pointing the negative RT PCR Tests of Indian players after the vent and the tests on the eve of the Test match where players were returned negative.

“How does anyone know that it happened during the book launch? Because even after the book launch, when players were tested, they were negative. From what I’ve heard, the tests that took place on the eve of the match were all negative. So if none of our players were positive, what was the problem?” Gavaskar said on Sports Tak.

Gavaskar bashed the British media for claiming Indian players refused to play the match and said they should find the truth first before pointing the fingers.

“And reports that suggest the Indian players refused to play the match, I want to know who it was? These reports are only in English papers. They will never say or write anything good about the Indian team; they will always hold them responsible. Please find what is the truth and then point fingers.”

India were 2-1 up in the series after the four Tests and were also the favourites to clinch the series. Gavaskar said he will never believe that the Indian players refused to play the 5th Test match.

“Our players worked so hard to lead the series 2-1. And in Manchester, their bowlers would have been aided why wouldn’t they want to play? They would want to play the match because they can win the series 3-1. So I will never believe that Indian players refused to play the 5th Test. If these reports are true, then the BCCI needs to officially say, that ‘Yes, our players said that they won’t play’. Else, I would request not to make such claims without any proof,” the former India batsman added.