Dubai: Playing or not – MS Dhoni – the mentor of the Indian cricket team is making all the buzz ahead of the Pakistan match on Sunday in Dubai. Plaudits and fans believe Dhoni’s presence in the dressing-room could be a gamechanger for India also given the fact that he has just led Chennai Super Kings to the IPL title and has good knowhow of the conditions.

On the eve of the game when the Indian team was practicing, a Pakistan girl fan was heard making a hilarious request to Dhoni. She also asks in-form KL Rahul not to perform well. It was brilliant to see Dhoni respond to the fan.

“Rahul, please don’t play good tomorrow. No, please don’t play good tomorrow,” she can be heard saying as the India opener was making his way back after a practice session. A few moments, as Dhoni emerged into the scene he is also heard answering a question from the crowd, saying, “Humara kaam hi aisa hai.” The woman who asked Rahul to not perform then says to MSD, “Mahi just leave this match in the next match. Not this match please.”

Meanwhile, India would start favourites against Pakistan given their recent form and then their past record against the arch-rivals. But again, it is T20 and things could happen quickly – hence nothing can be predicted.