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Former Zimbabwe captain Tatenda Taibu. @ AFP

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) is going through one of the deepest crisis after the ICC suspended the Full Member for failing to provide a process for free and democratic elections and failing to ensure that there is no government interference.

Former Zimbabwe captain Tatenda Taibu and the country s first black cricketer Henry Olonga have called for the need to start a players association.

“I also think that part of the problem is that: either not enough players are educated enough to understand certain things or don’t have exposure to know how things are done within an organisation,” Taibu told ESPNCricinfo on Tuesday.

“Definitely, a strong players union is needed and will sort out these problems.”

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Olonga, among the many Zimbabwe cricketers, who fled the country for a better life, too agrees with Taibu. “If we survive this, we still have a mountain to climb in changing the culture,” he said.

“To retain players and value players and put that all together to turn us into a winning combination. It’s hard enough to win matches at the best of times. To make yourself a competitive team, you need all your ducks lined up in a row. I don’t know how they’re going to deal with it. They need a vibrant players body.”

Olonga, who announced his retirement in March 2003, has a good reason to leave the country. “Zimbabwe is a complex country. It’s drawn along tribal lines. Shona vs Ndebele. Whites vs blacks. Rich vs poor. There’s so many lines. All of this began way back. It’s not a recent thing, he said.

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Earlier this month, agreeing to a court order directed by the ICC, Zimbabwe s SRC (Sports and Recreation Commission) has decided to re-instate the board which was suspended and replaced by an interim body last month. In August, the ICC, in a letter had instructed ZC to formalise the meetings in which Zimbabwe was suspended over government interference. Additionally, ZC was also directed to re-instate board which was appointed on June 14, 2019 and led by Tavengwa Mukuhlani.