‘The Guy Is Right Up There With Sachin Tendulkar’- Darren Gough Heaps Praise On This Indian Batsman
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New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar holds a special place in the heart of cricket fans and experts. The former Indian batsman is arguably the best batsman in the history of cricket as he played the game for 24 overs and was in his prime for almost 20 years, a feat which will be difficult for any player to match especially in the modern era. However, there is one player who has been drawing comparisons with the Master Blaster for a long time now. It is none other than former Indian captain Virat Kohli, who has been struggling with the bat recently and will look to get back in form quickly.

Former England fast bowler Darren Gough has stated that when he first saw the star India batsman in England, he thought Virat Kohli was going to be on the same path to greatness as Sachin Tendulkar. He stated, “When I first saw him playing in England, I thought, WOW I thought Tendulkar was good. He was brilliant, a genius in fact, but this guy Virat Kohli is right up there with him.”

“Amazing player, such style, aggression everything I wanted to look for in a cricketer. He can take on the short ball, good against spin. He has got that arrogance, puts the cap on as well now and again,” Gough Darren told Cricket.com.

Virat Kohli hasn’t scored a century in international cricket for a long time now. The former England player said the Indian star is currently going through the same phase which once Joe Root found himself in.

“I want him to get back scoring hundreds. We have seen Joe Root used to go through that spell a lot of 70s, 80s and 90s. But I feel that with Virat, once he gets one, he would just keep going hundred, hundred, hundred. And that’s what Joe Root has done. Virat is going though that spell and he just needs to score that first one and then he is going to cash in for the next 3-4 years,” concluded Darren Gough.