Kenya’s Maasai Cricket Warriors, who are known for their fierce hunting culture as well as cricket, which they play wearing their tribal attire, have always stood up for the social causes. As a matter of fact, the very reason this group came into existence was to spread awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and women’s issues like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and substance abuse, while promoting conservation in their homeland. ALSO READ: Maasai Cricket Warriors play against British Army Training Unit team for a charity tournament.

The conservative spear-wielding community has since been working on the same by successfully raising awareness on FGM and advocating for the protection of wildlife. In a recent video released by TV2Africa’s YouTube channel, 26-year old Sonyanga Ole Ngais, a Maasai warrior talks about how he brought this idea to his community. He also explains how cricket is no different than what his community does.

“Throwing a spear is just like bowling in cricket. Also batting is just like using a shield to protect ourselves from wild animals or during war”, he says. He also takes us through the painful practice of female circumcision (or FGM) the community adopts for its girls in order to prepare them for early marriage. Sonyanga decided to do something about it when the thought of his own sisters going through it struck him.

Since then, he along with the other Maasai Warriors is pitching for this cause across the globe. Gradually, their voice is getting heard as well. Sonyanga cannot be happier, as his 19-year old cricket-playing sister Eunice has been saved from the evil practice. He and his community pledge to get rid of such evil elements from their tradition and at the same time, keep their culture alive for the future. Cricket, of course, will continue to be an integral part of their crusade. Watch the video here and learn more about the Warriors: