The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have arrived from the southern city of Bengaluru to take on Mumbai Indians (MI) in the city of dreams Mumbai. They have not arrived alone, as Mr. Nags too has arrived with the players in his usual ‘peas’ mood. In fact, the recent developments have left him in ‘peas 2.0’ mood.

In the video, Nags tries to strike a deal with RCB coach Daniel ‘Victory’ Vettori to earn a spot in the RCB playing XI. He tries hard to please the coach but eventually ends up getting an interviewing assignment. In the meantime, he tries connecting with the players including skipper Virat Kohli, but gets the usual lukewarm response from their side.

He does manage to get a few small acts done by RCB players like KL Rahul and Adam Milne. But his ultimate objective of getting into the playing XI remains a dream in the city of dreams.

RCB are doing a good job in engaging the fans with Mr. Nags’ videos. They might miss their power hitter Chris Gayle for a couple of matches, but in Nags they have a character in their camp who can pep the side up. Watch the funny antics of the super funny Nags in the video here: