There have been bizarre dismissals in cricket for example, Inzamam-ul-Haq falling over his stumps to get hit wicket or just a few days back, how Mark Chapman’s helmet flew on to hit the stumps. However, here is a case of the ball hitting the bowler and still making it for a six. During a Ford Trophy match in New Zealand, Auckland‘s Jeet Raval hit Canterbury‘s captain Andrew Ellis straight down the ground and it hit Ellis before landing behind the ropes. Here’s a look at what happened:

Ellis, fortunately, showed no signs of concussion. He not only completed the over, but also batted for his side later.

“Whenever anybody gets hit in the head, your immediate concern is for the person, and I was worried Andrew had hurt himself. But, thankfully, it soon looked like he hadn’t been injured by what had seemed a nasty blow. He’s a true Cantab, a very tough nut, and it was a relief for me to see him carry on and complete the game without any visible effects. My hope for him is that he won’t experience any delayed concussion. It’s certainly not pleasant for anyone to experience that in a game,” Raval told media after the incident, reported EspnCricinfo.