Vinod Kambli lodges complaint against foreigner for racial comments

Vinod Kambli has played 17 Test matches for India © Getty Images

Oct 25, 2013

Former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli has allegedly lodged a police complaint against a foreigner for making a racist comment against him over a car parking dispute in his housing society.

Kambli told Bandra Police that at around 8:15 pm on Thursday, he had an argument with a woman residing in the Jewel Co-operative Housing Society building reported DNA.

The Bandra Police station has accepted Kambli’s complaint and given him an assurance that they will carry out an investigation against the foreigner woman on Friday.

Kambli told the media: “There was a dispute on a parking issue, but, during the dispute, she used some racial statement. I asked her to talk to the society chairman. She threatened me that she has contacts in India and abroad. Then, she called me a “Black Indian”.