Vinod Rai spoke to select media on major issues BCCI is facing after their meeting    AFP
Vinod Rai spoke to select media on major issues BCCI is facing after their meeting AFP

New Delhi: The BCCI Committee of Administrators (COA) on Wednesday made it clear that they will not sacrifice India’s interests while dealing with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Former CAG Vinod Rai, leading the COA, spoke to select media on major issues BCCI is facing after their meeting. The others present were COA members Ramachandra Guha, Diana Edulji and BCCI CEO Rahul Johri. “Let us make one thing clear we will not sacrifice India’s interest. We have a mandate from the court to run the BCCI. Our attempt will be to ensure BCCI does not lose financially,” said Rai. Rai’s comments come days after BCCI sent an 11-page letter to ICC Chief Executive Dave Richardson, categorically rejecting the proposed revenue model and constitutional reforms.

“On this (ICC) issue, we met Shashank Manohar. He gave us good guidance. We are also conscious of the way the smaller nations to be encouraged. We have to keep a balance and at the same time contribute for the improvement of cricket,” he said further. Former BCCI chief Shashank Manohar recently resigned from the post of ICC Chairman, eight months into the job. When asked about not having enough knowledge about the functioning of ICC, Rai said it was not a major hurdle.

“Well, not two or three people are the personification of all knowledge. We are privy to the recording of the last SGM and we know what was discussed there. When we met Manohar, we tried to understand the revenue model of both the sides. He gave us full details of the financial models in the ICC.” Rai also cleared the ambiguity surrounding the contentious tenure clause for the office bearers, saying one cannot be an administrator for a cumulative period of more than nine year, whether in BCCI or state association.

“The [Supreme Court] verdict is very clear. It’s 9 years only. And there is a full stop,” said Rai. Most state associations have offered stiff resistance in implementing the Lodha panel recommendations. Rai said the COA will deal with them aptly. “Supreme Court has given us a direction. There is a verdict in place and our job is to peruse the state associations to accept the model. It will be done and the process is on.”

“Considerable headway has been made. A considerable amount of time has also been given. We will work out. Our job is to see cricket should go on as per schedule. The state associations have worked in a manner for 30/40 years. You don t expect them to budge overnight. So far they have not accepted it but that does not mean they will never accept it. They must understand the SC verdict,” he said.

On how to achieve the 2/3 majority in state associations to accept the changes, Rai added: “We are talking to them and will continue to talk to them. Our immediate task is to keep the game going. For that we have worked on the conduct of the IPL 2, auction of the IPL and arrangements of the league smoothly. We are here for the last 50 days only. Only three days ago we have put on the model constitution. We want to take things in the consultation way and not in the confrontational way.”

“When we took over, we did not expect some people or rather a particular group of people to be generous. There were attempts to collaborate. Our attempt will be to persuade them to accept things. The court will play an important role in it. Some defiance was tried but they failed. If it goes on, we will react. There is a plan of action in place, well defined. But that can’t be discussed. Let us make it clear. These problems are solvable and will be solved to everyone s satisfaction. We are not interested in politics. But if politics is needed to be played, then we won t be found wanting,” he concluded.